Worm Gear Speed Reducers Are the Best Way to Cut Speed and Boost Power

Worm Gear Speed ReducersA worm gear speed reducer is the single best method to cut down the speed of an input shaft and amplify torque at the same time. These devices are used in many different industries, around the world, from presses to electric motors and they offer quiet operation with vast power benefits. They also offer a single direction operation, since the gear cannot drive the worm.

You'll find that worm gear speed reducers come in many different forms, depending on the application to which they will be put. From helical gears to herringbone, worm gear speed reducers have been created to suit a variety of different purposes and industries.

One of the single most dominant areas in which a worm gear speed reducer is used is the area of manufacturing. The equipment on which items are created, take advantage of the benefits that a worm gear speed reducer provides. The benefits are brought bout through a simple process. If the worm gear has 12 teeth, the gear will revolve at one tooth per revolution of the worm, cutting down the speed of the worm gear by a significant factor, and yet allowing the device to perform admirably well where power is needed. Presses and any machine needed for cutting and drilling are good examples of where a worm gear speed reducer can be used.

Since a worm gear speed reducer is set up at a right angle to the input shaft, it allows that application to be dramatically scaled down, resulting in a much more compact package. This is ideal in most industries, as space is almost always at a premium. With smaller machinery that still provides all the power necessary for any application, worm gear speed reducers are a natural addition for many different types of machinery.

Worm gear speed reducers are available in both standard and metric sizes to fit any application and the wide variety of gear types that they employ offers the widest availability imaginable. There are many different companies that special in constructing these speed reducers and they are available to fit any size input shaft that you many need. Electric motors benefit from worm gear speed reducers much more than any other application, but they have been used with mixed success in areas like the automotive industry. They have been employed in differentials for many different automotive manufacturers, though their use has dwindled in recent years. Hummer and Audi are two of the manufacturers still using worm gear speed reducers in their applications, most notably in Hummer's military vehicles.

Regardless of the application, worm gear speed reducers generate a vast amount of friction from the act of metal sliding against metal. Hardened, ground worms and bronze worm gears offer the best combination to combat the metal fatigue that is often associated with these devices and lubrication is essential to the worm gear maintaining proper operation temperatures. Automotive applications that utilize worm gear speed reducers often require very large differential housings to accommodate the large volume of fluid needed.