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Types of Eye Bolts

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What is an eye bolt?
According to Wise Geek the eye bolt is a specialised type of fastening used to attach a cable, wire or string to another object. A circular head through which the wire or chain can be passed is attached to a threaded screw which can be fixed to a number of different materials depending on the composition of the eye bolt.

One of the most common uses with which most users will be familiar is the small eye bolt used to attach picture wire to the back of a picture or painting. The pointed end of the eye bolt is fastened to the back of the picture frame and picture wire is threaded through the eyes to enable the picture to be hung on the wall.

Types of eye bolt
  At the lighter end of the scale where an eye bolt is not intended to hold significant weight the construction of the bolt is usually forged. This method of manufacture simply bends the top part of the screw, which forms the eye. Although perfectly adequate for a number of applications, including holding up pictures, this type of eye bolt cannot be used where heavier weights need to be supported as the eye can bend apart. This type of eye bolt is also known as an eye screw or an eye lag.

Heavy weights require the bolt to be of welded construction. This type of bolt has a completely finished eye with no gaps and the eye is welded onto the shank for extra strength. Some eye bolts have a 'shoulder' which gives them extra strength where very heavy weights require lifting.

Usually the type of material to which the eye bolt should be affixed can be ascertained from studying the screw part of the bolt. An eye bolt intended to be used on wood has a very pointed end to bite into the wood and a course thread to achieve maximum purchase. Eye bolts intended for use on metal, on the other hand, have a much finer thread and a flatter end to give greater purchase.

Select the correct eye bolt
There is a wide range of sizes and types of eye bolt available online and other wise and online wholesalers such as RS Components stock a varied selection. You can purchase eye bolts from RS 's online shop but you will need to know the type and size you require in order to achieve the desired result.

You need to check carefully the weight of the item that requires lifting in order to select the correct eye bolt for the job. Manufacturers will specify a load limit and this should be strictly adhered to for safety reasons. Check the product specifications which will give you the parameters for loading and lifting using each type of bolt.

Eye bolts without a shoulder should only be used for vertical lifting and it is extremely important to ensure that the entire shank is completely screwed into its fixing in order to avoid putting too much stress on the join.

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